Who Can Join?

We have no hard and fast rule, however it is generally believed that membership is limited to those that have moved to the Oceanside area in the last two or three years.

How Long Can I Be A Member?


The QBANC membership year runs from May 1st to April 30th.  The term of membership is normally two years. This means that a person joining in the months from May through December may be a member for 2 years from the month they joined plus the months from that date to the following April 30th.  For example, someone joining in May of 2015 has from that date to May 2017 plus the months to April 30th, 2018, almost 3 years.  Someone joining in January of 2015 has until January 2017 but will graduate in May of 2017, 2 yrs. plus 3 months.

Normally we have approximately 400 members by the end of a membership year, however membership takes a sharp drop in May, as we have a great number of “graduates". 

After members graduate, they are eligible to join the graduate groups that are active in the Oceanside area. At present, these are Qualicum Beach Area Newcomers Alumni (QBANA) and Oceanside Newcomers Alumni Society (ONAS).  These groups are not a part of or affiliated with QBANC but some of our events are opened to their membership.  Pleases see "Alumni" page for links.

Please send an email via the Contact Page to Membership if you have any questions about membership.

Monthly Email & Membership List

Every month we send out an email, approximately 48-72 hours before the monthly meeting, to remind members of the meeting.  This email will also have instructions on how to obtain our latest list of members' names.

If you are not receiving the monthly email, please click on this link: Membership  and send a request to be placed on the monthly email  distribution list.  Your request should include your name and the email address where you want to receive your monthly emails. 

Generally, the membership list will be updated monthly.

The Membership List is for the use of Newcomers' members only and should not be shared outside our club.  This list is password protected.   See next section please.

Member Files

Below is the spreadsheet for members.  This file is password protected.

Click the link below to see the list of members

and type in the password when the list opens.

Membership Name Only List

Membership Fees

 Click on this link for the Membership Form:

First Time: $23.00 per person  ($15.00 + $8.00 for a name tag)

Yearly Membership Fees are payable for each person in the month of joining QBANC. Members who join in the months of January through March do not pay an additional membership fee in April of their first year.

When a new member joins, they will be charged an additional $6.00 for a name tag, if a tag is requested. Tags are encouraged and should be worn at meetings and all Activities and Events.

 Renewals: $15.00 per person

Yearly Membership Fee renewals are due in April of each year for the following 12 months (May to April). Members will be notified by e-mail and at previous meetings of the need for their membership to be renewed. If you do not wish to renew, please notify the membership co-ordinator and you will be removed from the roster.  Members who have not paid thier membership fees by the end of July will be removed from the roster.

Name Tags

If you have lost your name tag, new Newcomers‘ Name Tags are available for $8.00.
You will be able to pick up your Name Tag at the next monthly Newcomers meeting.
Please wear your Name Tag to all events and functions, including Interest Group get-togethers.
In addition, your coffee or tea is free at the monthly meetings if you are wearing your name tag!