Send Us Your Photo's

Newcomer Event & Club Photos...check'em out!

We need suitable and current photos from the great Events and Activities that go on throughout the year.  

Do You Have Newcomer Photos To Share?

Go to our Contact Page and select "Webmaster", then send a message indicating you have Newcomer photos to share.  The Webmaster will contact you to obtain details and copies of the photos.

  • Need approximately 640 X 480 jpeg images in your email reply, (Note: more than 5 or 6 pics of this size may cause your email to be bounced before it is received).
  • Pics of QBANC members seem to get the most attention.  The most interesting group photos are those that have everyone facing the camera and posed group shots looks better than shots of a group just standing about. 
  • The webpage upload routine crops the picture that is shown on the webpage, so avoid sending shots that have people at the very edge of the image,  (people look so strange when they are cut off at the eyebrows)
  • A caption can be added to an image so please identify the event or club, the date, subjects names (not necessary for groups larger than four or five) and the place where taken, in your email, that would help. 
  • And of course the name of the person who should be credited with taking the shot also should be included. 

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