Friday Walking Group - July 2018

Friday Walking Club

Club Coordinators:


  • Paul Ruffell    
  • Bill Dryden



PLEASE NOTE: The coordinators will not be responsible for leading the walks. This will be the responsibility of the walkers. All walkers or walking couples must volunteer to lead at least one walk per year.

If a leader hasn't volunteered for a particular Friday then that walk will not take place. (See below for walk leader responsibilities.) 

Club walks are usually every Friday, rain or shine. Start time is 9:30 am except April - October when they start at 9:00 am. Any deviations from this will be included in the pre-walk email mentioned below. 

One of the club coordinators will forward the pre-walk description and driving directions by email to club members. Normally, this is done on the Wednesday, prior to the walk. Confirmation of attendance is not required. 

Most walks are 5 - 7 km in length and last 1 - 1.5 hours. They are usually followed by coffee at a suitable restaurant in the area. 

Dogs are welcome on most walks. However, they must always be on a short leash to ensure the safety of everyone on the walk and any wildlife in the area. Notice of dogs not being permitted on a particular walk will be given in the walk description email.

Safety is a factor in determining the choice of walks. However, all walkers are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and comfort. In regard to this the following recommendations are offered to all walkers:

  • Remain with the group until it returns to the point of departure. 

  • Try and maintain the pace of the walk leader. 

  • Assess personal fitness and suitability for walks over various types of terrain.
  • Wear footwear that is suitable for occasional rough or slippery terrain. 

Walk Leader Responsibilities: 

  • Pick a suitable walk from those posted on the website or from another source.
  • Do a pre-walk a few days prior to the Friday walk day. 

  • Choose a suitable location for coffee after the walk. (Usually included with walk description on website.) 

  • Send an email re: the description of and the directions to the particular walk and the coffee location to the coordinator by the Wednesday before the walk.
  • Call the coffee location prior to the walk to let them know how many people to expect for coffee. 

  • Assign a walker to be the "sweep" on the walk. 

Be aware of gaps in the group during the walk and close them up by stopping or slowing 
the pace of the walk.


List of Walks



Duke Point