Milner Gardens - May 2018

Milner Gardens - May 2018

Going Solo


Our group offers friendship and social support for the unique needs of single folks. 

Member generated activities augment the program offered in the mainstream Newcomer's Club.  If your interests include theatre, travel, dining, special events, walking, fine arts events.... and more....join us for fun with the group!

If you have an idea for a particular activity or interest, put it out to the group and get together will like minded people or select a group in your area that you would like to get to know and get together for coffee, walking, or just talking.

We do not have a social committee and activities are initiated by individuals in the group.

What are your interests??

Check the photos of our recent events below

Pot Luck supper at Barb’s lovely home in March 2018 enjoyed by all

Going Solo members enjoyed the eagle release and tour of the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre on April 8th

Coffee at Trees on the Alberni Highway after. Despite rain and hail we had a fun time!