Art Group

Ever had the desire to make art? Or, are you already making art and want to connect with other artists in your new community? 

An art group is a great way to make new friends, develop your skills, grow as an artist and learn about the thriving arts community here in Qualicum Beach.  Sign up with the Art Group Coordinator at the monthly meeting and, once we have enough people interested, the coordinator will contact you and a new art  group will be formed.  The coordinator will meet with you at the first meeting to help facilitate the start of your new art group. 

If you have a little to no experience in art and a desire to start, or you have already some experience in art, you can sign up our "All Levels Art Group." An art group typically consists of 8 to 10 members who gather in each other’s homes or other locales on a regular basis to discuss art, share techniques, paint or draw together. Your art group could also decide to meet for coffee at a local restaurant or "en plein air" in the warmer months. The members run their own group and make all decisions on date, time, place, and the format of meetings. The only rules are ones you all agree upon!  

This group is specifically for newcomers interested in developing their skills in fine arts and would like to sketch, draw, paint in a group in any mediums at the same time as making friends with similar interests.  At this time, these groups are for visual artists wishing to sketch, draw, paint in any mediums a group. They are not for potters, photographers or crafters. If you wish to start a group for any other than the above, please contact the activity coordinator and he or she will be happy to include you in the "other interest group".

Each art group is independent of the Newcomers' group and we hope you spend many years with your new friends exploring the arts.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the coordinator.

Coordinator: Joanne Ayley